Welcome to the documentation! is an established resolving system that enables the referencing of data for the scientific community, with a current focus on the Life Sciences domain. It handles persistent identifiers in the form of URIs and CURIEs. This allows the referencing of data in both a location-independent and resource-dependent manner. The provision of resolvable identifiers (URLs) fits well with the Semantic Web vision, and the Linked Data initiative.

This web page contains resources to help users and developers working with the platform. We will continue adding information here as we expand and document the services. If you can't find what you are looking for, let us know in the feedback section.

We have kept things as backwards compatible as possible in the new platform, but there has been some changes. If you are interested in a detailed list of differences, please take a look at the migration guide.



  • Take a look at our libapi repository documentation as an example of a client library for
  • We will add more links to developer resources as we continue expanding the docs.