The Team

Henning Hermjakob leads the Molecular Systems services at EMBL-EBI, which provide worldwide reference data resources in interactomics (IntAct), pathways (Reactome), and systems biology models (BioModels).

Renato Caminha Juaçaba Neto is a professional software engineer working in research since 2014, currently working on since 2022.

Former Interns

Software Engineer and bioinformatician working in life sciences since 2018, currently developing the frontend for the Open Targets Platform.

Moritz Langenstein

Moritz Langenstein is a final year MEng Computing student at Imperial College London who is very passionate about using computer science to protect the environment and the incredible species we share it with.

Former Team Members

Manuel Bernal Llinares is a professional Software Engineer working in Research since 2005, currently Project Lead at since 2019.

Former Project Lead in, currently Product Engineering Director at DataCite.

Former Project Lead in, currently Senior Research Technical Manager at The University of Manchester.

Working together

There is a Memorandum of Understanding between California Digital Library and The European Bioinformatics Institute, enabling services hosted at the California Digital Library (CDL) and services run by EMBL-EBI to provide a uniform resolution mechanism of compact identifiers, using a common registry of prefix-based redirection rules. (Paper).


EMBL Core Funding
FAIR-IMPACT European Commission’s Horizon Europe grant agreement no. 101057344
FAIRplus IMI grant agreement number 802750
THOR European Union call H2020-EINFRA-2014-2, project number 654039
CORBEL European Union H2020 grant agreement number 654248
EOSC-Life European Union H2020 grant agreement number 824087
FREYA European Union H2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under grant Agreement No. 777523
ELIXIR H2020 grant agreement number 676559