Web services

The web service infrastructure is divided in two sites: Resolution Service and Central Registry.

Resolution Service

The Resolution Service is the main function in Identifiers.org. It takes a Compact Identifier and resolves it to a URL. There are two different ways to utilize it:

  • Issuing a Compact Identifier to resolve into the address as a parameter, eg: https://identifiers.org/taxonomy:9606
  • Using the Web service search bar in the home page. With this method, you can access advances features, like Compact Identifier validation, getting a list of providers, and finding more information about a resource.

The following section details the user interface in the Identifers.org web service.

Advanced search

All the features of the old advanced search have been merged into the main Identifiers.org search bar at the resolver homepage. As you can see in the usage example below, the old Retrieval Service and Validation Service are now performed as you write, and you get insights about the Compact Identifier in real time.

Central Registry

The Central Registry provides the necessary information to allow users to generate unique, persistent and unambiguous identifiers for scientific data. Selecting a namespace will take you to a detailed view of all the information related to it, including its maintainer and different providers.

Registry services

Registry search

The Registry search bar features the same prediction and hints-as-you-type as the Resolver.

Registry browser
Browsing the registry allows the user to explore all the entries in the registry in a single view.
Download registry
A complete copy of the registry can be downloaded using the API service.
Requesting a prefix in Identifiers.org
If you are a resource maintainer interested in registering a prefix in Identifiers.org, use the Prefix request form.